Busiate Pesto Siciliano

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The Busiate with Sicilian pesto are an excellent first course that recalls the aromas of Sicily, with its notes of ricotta and tomato that go well with this pasta shape also of Sicilian origin.

Busiate are the ideal match for this simple and genuine, fragrant and colorful pesto.

The Busiate with Sicilian pesto presented here are an excellent summer first course, both for the freshness of the ingredients and because the sauce is prepared raw, and therefore lends itself well to the preparation of a cold pasta.

The Sicilian pesto used here as a condiment for these original Busiate is a condiment of which, as with all regional recipes, there are various versions that involve the use of different ingredients.

The Ingredients:
Basil, Fine Salt, Black Pepper, Grated Parmigiano Reggiano DOP, Garlic, Extra virgin olive oil, Pine nuts, Cow’s milk ricotta.

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